Ikigai (English Edition)

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The word IKIGAI comes to us from Japan–land of the samurai, intense
death-defying effort, masterful artistry, harmony with nature, and devoting
yourself obsessively to a path.

Ikigai’s closest meaning is *raison d’être* in French–what one lives
for, what makes your life worth living, why you inhale and exhale each

But Ikigai goes further than that, to the point where your passions and
obsessions can consume you … think of the artist or inventor all-consumed
by his work, the boxer who lays his body and mind on the line in every
fight, or the gardener whose mind is perfectly still among his creation.

Have you found your Ikigai yet? This book is for you.

In a series of essays on philosophy, history, strategy, planning, and
achieving, this book is about living purposefully and with meaning.

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