Kaizen: The Japanese Secret to Lasting Change-Small Steps to Big Goals (English Edition)

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As Marie Kondo said: “The term kaizen refers to incremental progress toward your goal. . . . You can take the first small step toward your dream today and keep taking small steps to grow your passions every day after.”
Making a lifestyle change can be overwhelming. It’s hard to achieve big goals, and it’s even harder to do so without being overcome with self-doubt. But achieving your goals—and pursuing our passions—doesn’t need to be a strenuous activity. Kaizen is the way! You can start making incremental positive changes right away without the pressure of immediate, perfect results. It’s the power of aspirational thinking, which you’ll need in order to stick to the goals you set.
This stunning book offers a way to build good habits and remove bad ones. It teaches you how use the Japanese method of kaizen to institute step-by-step changes that are tailored to you (instead of changing yourself to fit the method). It focuses on mindful patience—developing an awareness of when things aren’t working—so that you can adapt your actions instead of giving up. Kaizen demonstrates how to apply this approach to improve your health, home, work, finances, relationships, and habits in general.
Kaizen is flexible and accessible, and its practice will be distinct to each reader. The very nature of kaizen means that a person’s experience is unique, though the end result will be the same: lasting positive improvement.

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