Lao-tze, Development and Present Condition of Taoism (Ancient Writings on Taoism Book 2) (English Edition)

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This book series titled “Ancient Writings on Taoism” wants to let the public knowing writings on Taoism by missionaries, explorers, diplomats, in the Nineteenth Century.
They are people who lived many years and decades in China, so they have known Eastern culture and their relationship with the Divine directly.
I selected the authors and I have extrapolated specific chapters on Taoism from larger works.
Through this series you can compare how different authors have known and interpreted Taoism.

This second volume is a text of George Thomas Bettany, a British biologist and author of scientific and popular works.

At first, Bettany writes on Lao-tze’s life and the antagonism between Lao-tze and Confucius. Then, he writes on Lao-tze’s disciples, and the development of Taoism, with its up and down periods.
Bettany tries to explain the concept of three Gods in one, what Taoists call “The Three Pure One.”


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